Starting from november 2012 a new product has arrived at Lait Shops.

November 9th 2012: We opened our new store in Molfetta (BA). The first opening in a Shopping Center.

Luca Montersino Show at Lait Salerno on Sunday October, 7h,  2012

21th, July, 2012: Lait Salerno Opening

18th, June , 2012: Lait for Eataly Rome Opening
Inauguration of the new Lait Gelato shop in Rimini.

Inauguration of the new Lait Gelato shop in the new "Eataly incontra" in Turin.

Lait Genola

posted 8 Dec 2011, 00:54 by Gigi Terzolo

Innauguration of Lait at CHE - Genola CN

Lait a Slow Fish

posted 3 Jun 2011, 04:00 by Gigi Terzolo   [ updated 8 Dec 2011, 00:51 ]

Lait, at Slow Fish in Genova. 

Nuova apertura

posted 18 Apr 2011, 07:12 by Unknown user   [ updated 8 Dec 2011, 00:53 by Gigi Terzolo ]

Inauguration of "Lait per Eataly" in Genova Porto Antico. (April, 25th)

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